The Benefits of Infused Water

RaspberriesEveryone knows how important drinking water is; it's great for your skin and complexion, it can help you energize your muscles and body, it can be a great weight loss aid by replacing soda and other sugary drinks and it helps with the digestion process just to name a few. If we all know that drinking water is so good for us, why don't we do it more often? The biggest reason is that we don't all like the taste of water and that makes it difficult to get down the recommended 8-10 cups a day. Drinking water was very difficult for me up until recently. I could barely get through a 16oz bottle of water a day and I was constantly feeling tired and sluggish. I started adding flavored powders and liquid beverage enhancers to my water, but a lot of times they were too sweet and other times they left a strange taste in my mouth. Not very appealing! Fruit infuser water bottles are a great way to flavor your water naturally. It adds just the right amount of flavor (you can help control the amount of flavor by deciding how much fruit to add and also the amount of time you wait to drink it - the longer you wait the more flavorful the water will be). Infused waters have almost no calories because you are not actually eating the fruit. You can get more than one use out of the fruit in the bottle; I fill my bottle 2-3 times throughout the day and find that the flavor does diminish with each fill but is still enough to let me drink the water easily. Your whole family will love the taste of infused water and you can experiment with different recipes to find something everyone loves. Our 32oz InfuseZen fruit infuser bottle is by far our favorite (that's why we decided to have it manufactured); it not only holds a lot of water but it has a top that is easy to open and side grips and a handle that make it easy to hold. No matter how you decide to flavor your water, you will be so happy you did.

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