Tropical Key Lime and Tangelo Infused Water

If you're looking for something a little more exotic, you'll love this tropical key lime and tangelo infused water recipe.  It has a great citrus flavor and is really refreshing. What is a tangelo? We found it at our regular supermarket in the produce section. It's a hybrid of an orange and a tangerine. If you can't find one at your local grocery store you can get the same effect by substituting it for half orange wedges and half tangerine wedges.

Key Lime and Tangelo Infused Water Recipe


  • 2 key limes cut into quarters
  • 4 wedges of tangelo (or substitute 2 orange wedges and 2 tangerine wedges).
We used all fresh fruit for this recipe. You can freeze the fruit before hand, but we find that citrus based fruits are better when they are used fresh. Citrus based fruits also stand up to soaking in water really well; you can refill your water bottle once you have drank the whole thing and you will get a lot of flavor from the second batch of water. It also does not add much color to the infused water in the first or second batch, so you get a nice clean look and the visual of looking at the fruit through the water.

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