Health Benefits of Mint in your Infused Water

You are probably used to getting mints in a restaurant along with your check or brushing your teeth with mint flavored tooth paste, but you may not have given it much more thought than that. Mint has some great health benefits including a palate cleanser that helps with digestion... no wonder it makes a great after dinner candy or a gum flavor! It has many other benefits as well that you might be surprised to find out.

mint infused water recipe

Benefits of Mint:

  • Helps relieve nausea and headaches
  • Clears up congestion in the nose, throat and lungs
  • Makes a great skin cleanser and helps sooth skin and reduce redness in pimples
  • Great for weight loss - it stimulates digestive enzymes that help burn fat.

This delicious leaf mixes well with many kinds of fruits and veggies. Try these infused water pairings the next time you see mint in your super market.

Mint Pairs With:

  • Cucumber & Lemon
  • Watermelon
  • Orange & Strawberry

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