Pool and Beach Ready? Remember to Take Your InfuseZen Towel!

One of the reasons so many people love their InfuseZen towel is that it’s not only great as a bath towel, it works wonderfully for the pool and the beach as well! With warmer weather just around the corner, we wanted to test out the durability and the absorbability of our towels in the summer sun.

Turkish Towels at the Beach

InfuseZen Turkish Bath Towel at Beach
Our towels were a huge hit! We were able to easily find where we were sitting from a long line of chairs from anywhere on the beach. All we needed to do when we were in the water or going for a walk was to look up at the cluster of chairs and BINGO – there were our purple and green InfuseZen towels adorning our chairs and letting us know where we needed to head back to.

The towels provided a nice barrier between us and the chair (not sure who was sitting there before us and if they had any unusual oils or lotions on…) and prevented us from getting red marks from the rough material on the lounge chair. It also helped absorb the water from our swim suits so we could take a nice catnap on the beach feeling dry. Sand brushed off easily and didn’t make the towels look shabby.

Beach – Two thumbs up!

Turkish Towels at the Pool

InfuseZen Bath Towels at Pool
Off to the pool next to test out our new towels. We picked a nice shady spot and laid our towels out on our chairs. It was a great chair marker to let people know the chairs were taken if we wanted to jump in the pool and get ourselves cooled off. It also let us know exactly where we were sitting so there was no confusion among the sea of resort towels around us.

We love the pool and were in and out every hour or so… the towel dried off quickly when we went in the pool even though we were sitting in the shade, and absorbed the water from our swim suits when we got out and sat back down. The real test? Tipsy spring breaker walking by and accidently spilling margarita on our green towel. We hung the towel to dry and in 10 minutes it was as good as new – thank you drunk guy for that impromptu, unexpected test.

Pool – Check and check!

What are you waiting for, get an InfuseZen towel now so you’re ready to go when the beach or pool mood strikes. We used our Luxury line of towels on our trip and they worked perfectly (oh, did we mention they are very lightweight and take up very little space in your suitcase – a plus for resort and away from home vacations!). I also recommend the fuchsia, mint and aqua colors in our Designer collection to make your seat really pop or the mint/aqua and turquoise/blue towels in our Ombre line, these colors are beautiful hues that will look great by the water.

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