Colorful Diamond Turkish Throw Blanket in Blue and Aqua

$ 65.00

Don't forget these...

A modern twist on a traditional design - this striped diamond weave Turkish blanket in blue, aqua and cream is a thin and lightweight throw that adds fashion and function to any living space!

Makes a wonderful addition for a sofa or couch to cuddle up with or provides an extra layer of warmth as a partial bed cover. Perfect for all seasons and looks great in any style home! Keep it for yourself or makes a cozy gift!

✽ Color: Blue, aqua and cream

✽ Approximate size: 69 inches wide x 86 inches long (+2.5 extra inches of tassels). These blankets are handwoven on looms so dimensions may vary slightly from blanket to blanket.

✽ Made from 100% Turkish Cotton, handwoven on a Turkish loom

Frequently asked questions

All of our towels are loomed and tasseled in Denizli, Turkey

We use Turkish cotton for our towels and blankets. Turkish cotton
consists of several long fibers that are twisted together to form the
thread making it stronger and more absorbent than regular cotton.

All of our towels are made from 100% cotton as well as the majority of
our blankets. We have a few blankets that are cotton blends, these will
be notated as cotton blends in the listings for these items.

Yes, all items can be washed in cold water on a gentle cycle. Dry with
low heat or tumble dry for best results and to reduce shrinking.

Yes, all of our items are OEKO and SMETA certified, ensuring they are safe and ethically produced.

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