If you're asking yourself the question “what’s so great about Turkish towels anyway?” then you’ve obviously never tried a good quality Turkish towel before. Turkish towels (also known as pestemal towels, hammam towels or fouta towels) are hand woven on looms. They are thin towels, but don’t let that fool you… they are very soft and absorbent. A good quality Turkish Towel makes all the difference in your life and can help Infuse some Zen into your daily routine.




Convince me that Turkish towels are better than traditional towels...

Gladly. We’ve compiled a list of some of the benefits of Turkish towels and once you read it, we’re convinced that you’re going to want to try one right away.

  1. Turkish towels are thin and take up very little space in a linen closet. They can be folded or rolled and take up about half the space of a traditional terry cloth bath towel.
  2. They are soft and luxurious. Turkish Towels get softer each time you wash them; taking them out of the drier and feeling how soft they are against your skin is always a treat. You’ll feel like you’ve stepped out of a spa every time you wrap yourself in one.
  3. Even though they are thin, they are very absorbent. Not only will a Turkish Towel dry you off fast, they dry quickly themselves as well.
  4. They are versatile. Turkish towels work wonderfully in a bathroom for use after a bath or shower, they are great for the beach – put one on the back of your lounge chair and you will quickly be able to identify where you were sitting from the water or boardwalk, they are long and can easily wrap around you making a great pool towel and they are thin and perfect for throwing in your gym bag for a workout or yoga.
  5. Oh so stylish – most Turkish Towels come in basic colors for the home like grey and beige along with more colorful options like turquoise, mint green, hot pink, lilac and green.

Do you really think I’ll like my new Turkish Towel?

Yes. It can take some time to get used to a Turkish Towel, especially if you’ve never used one before. You might think that because they are so thin they won’t dry you off, but that is not the case! Almost everyone who uses Turkish Towels swear that they will never go back to using traditional towels again. Always wash your Turkish Towel as soon as you get it – this will make the towel softer and more absorbent for the first time you use it. After the first use, you’ll probably think to yourself “hmmm…. this is a little strange, but I kind of like it”, and then after about the third time using it you’ll think “yeah, I definitely like this, I think I’m going to get rid of my traditional towels now and make room for more Turkish Towels”. Find out what you’re missing and try using a Turkish Towel in your home!

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