Looking for a new towel to take to the beach or use as a bath towel? Check out

our latest addition, the InfuseZen Fern Print Turkish towel! A classy addition to your bathroom and a fun accessory for the beach, this multi-functional, versatile towel is a must have and perfect for every season.

Made of 100% Turkish cotton, our Fern Print Turkish towel is thin and absorbent. It folds up small so it doesn't take up much space in your linen closet, beach bag or suitcase. Whether you are using it at home or on vacation, the Fern Print Turkish peshtemal will soon become your go-to towel.


Use it as a bath towel:  The stylish nature themed print on this peshtemal makes it beautiful to look at, but that is not the only reason why you will love it. The soft, absorbent Turkish cotton feels great on your skin and will leave you feeling dry and refreshed. Who needs the spa when you can have one of these amazing towels in your very own bathroom? 


The perfect beach towel:  Available in black, seagreen or navy blue, this leaf print towel will look great on your beach chair or laid out in the sand. The tight weave on this towel makes it sand resistant. Dry sand brushes right off so you don't take the beach home with you! It is also lightweight and it dries quickly making them a breeze to pack up and bring home from vacation.


So many uses! Because of the large size and thin nature of the fabric, this

peshtemal is extremely versatile. It can be used as a sarong or wrap on the beach. It makes a wonderful scarf or shawl on a cooler evening. Use it as a lap blanket on a plane or on your sofa. Looking to add some color and style to your bedroom? Hang it on your wall as a tapestry or drape it over a chair as a design element. We keep a few in our car for impromptu adventures - the possibilities are endless!

Check out this amazing towel in black, seagreen and navy blue today!

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