Do you love snuggling up under a blanket but find yourself struggling to keep cool during the spring and summer months? Well, you're not alone! Many people love the comfort of a blanket while sitting on the couch or in bed while watching TV or reading a book but as the weather starts to get warmer, blankets become less practical.

One of the best ways to beat the heat is by using a muslin blanket! InfuseZen muslin blankets are made from 100% Turkish cotton. They have an open, "gauze" type weave that makes them lightweight and breathable - they are thin while still being comfortable. This makes them a great all-weather blanket. You can use them on their own in the warmer weather and use them for layering as the weather starts to get chillier.

But why are InfuseZen mulsin blankets so special? If we're being honest, most muslin blankets are boring to look at. They tend to be be a single color with no style. That's why we tried to spice things up! We took some of our most popular towel designs and transformed them into modern muslin blankets. Check out our dandelion, mandala and rain drop designs in a variety of colors!




Our blankets are also made of Turkish cotton which is more durable than standard cotton. This means that it will last longer and you'll be able to use your InfuseZen blanket for years to come!

We hope that you'll try out one of our stylish and functional muslin blankets this spring and summer! You won't be disappointed!


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