Looking to add a touch of seaside style to your home decor? InfuseZen Turkish towels are a great addition to any bathroom, and our seagreen color is especially popular right now! Our towels are made of 100% Turkish cotton, woven in Turkey, soft, absorbent, and durable. Plus, they come in a variety of styles to fit your needs. Let's explore some of our favorite seagreen towels right now!


The Mandala Peshtemal

One of our favorite Turkish towels is the InfuseZen Mandala peshtemal in seagreen. It has a fun print that works in a bathroom or on the beach. The tight weave makes it sand resistant and it dries quickly due to being just slightly thicker than a bed sheet. This was one of the first peshtemals we created in the seagreen/mint green combination and it has proven itself to be a hit year after year!





The Peacock Feather Peshtemal

If you love a boho chic ascetic, then you will fall head over heals for our peacock print Turkish towel in seagreen. This towel is fun and fashionable and will dress up a bathroom or a beach chair. It has some unconventional uses as well; you can use it as a light lap blanket, a wall tapestry, a sarong or wrap.  You'll love that it is lightweight, easy to carry and sand brushes right off!






The Fern Peshtemal  


Another new style this year, straight off the looms is our Fern Turkish towel. We love this towel because the print is perfectly suited for any style bathroom and also looks great at the pool or beach. These peshtemals are soft, absorbent and will keep you cozy and dry after a nice hot shower or a day at the beach. Because it is reversible, you can choose whether you'd like it to be predominately seagreen or mostly mint!





If you're loving InfuseZen seagreen peshtemals as much as we are make sure to check out the 'jacquard' section of our shop to see all of the different available styles. The bold prints will brighten up any space and make your next trip to the beach a sea side breeze!

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