Turkish towels are becoming a more popular choice for people looking for a high-quality towel. They are known for being absorbent and durable, but some people find that they feel a bit rough when they first feel them. Don't worry - this is normal! The more you use them and wash them, the softer they will become.


Turkish towels are made from Turkish cotton. The cotton has long hair fibers and is tightly woven, making them very thin and absorbent. This is different than standard cotton/ cotton blend towels which are made to feel soft and fluffy, but often these softer towels fall apart and start to smell icky over time.


Does this mean you need to sacrifice a soft towel in order to get a quality one? Not at all, you just need to give Turkish towels a little bit of time to break in! We always recommend washing your Turkish towel according to the care tag instructions as soon as you receive it. You will notice that after the first wash, the stiff, scratchy feeling starts to diminish. You can start to use it after the first wash and if you stick with it, you'll find that it becomes softer and more comfortable with each wash and will reach it's optimal softness and absorbency after about 5 washing machine cycles.


So, don't be discouraged if your new Turkish towel feels a little rough to the touch at first. Just give it some time and you'll have a soft, absorbent towel that will last for years in no time!

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