CLEARANCE - Mandala Full Terry Turkish Towel in Black

$ 29.00

Immerse yourself in the enchanting beauty of our Full Terry Cloth Floral Mandala Print Reversible Towel. Crafted from 100% premium Turkish cotton, this towel showcases a reversible mesmerizing floral mandala print, offering you two distinct looks to suit your mood or decor. But this towel isn't just about visual appeal—it's also designed for exceptional performance. With its plush softness and superior absorbency, it delivers unparalleled comfort and functionality. Whether you're unwinding by the pool, lounging at the beach, or simply stepping out of the shower, our reversible towel brings a touch of serenity and style to your everyday rituals.

  • Black and white floral mandala print. Reversible - inverse colors on the backside.
  • Made from 100% Turkish cotton - soft, durable and absorbent.
  • Made in Turkey, ships quickly from the U.S.A.
  • Give your master bedroom a spa-like feel or impress your guests with these unique towels in your spare bathroom.
  • They work wonderfully as a towel for the bath, beach, pool, gym, hiking or camping.
  • Plush and soft for the person who likes a comfy full terry cloth towel.
  • Larger than your average terry towel.
  • Size: 36 inches x 64 inches (3 feet x 5.3 feet)
  • Dimensions may vary slightly from towel to towel.
  • Larger than your average bath towel, provides full coverage for most people!
  • Thick and plush: provides a warm and comfortable drying off experience.
  • Absorbent: The Turkish cotton quickly absorbs water leaving you feeling clean and dry.
  • Large size: covers most people without embarrassing gaps.
  • Reversible: opposite colors on the backside of this towel give you two fun ways to display it!
  • Modern design: most Turkish towels have traditional stripes, diamond weave or chevron patterns. Here at InfuseZen we design most of our towels ourselves for people who want a more contemporary ascetic for their homes.
  • Wash before using – our towels will get softer and more absorbent with each use and wash.
  • Towels reach their optimal softness and absorbency after 5-6 washes.
  • Machine washable. Cold wash, low heat tumble dry.
  • Do not use fabric softener or detergent with a softener in it – softeners coat the towels and make them less absorbent.
  • Do not dry clean.

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Frequently asked questions

All of our towels are loomed and tasseled in Denizli, Turkey

We use Turkish cotton for our towels and blankets. Turkish cotton
consists of several long fibers that are twisted together to form the
thread making it stronger and more absorbent than regular cotton.

All of our towels are made from 100% cotton as well as the majority of
our blankets. We have a few blankets that are cotton blends, these will
be notated as cotton blends in the listings for these items.

Yes, all items can be washed in cold water on a gentle cycle. Dry with
low heat or tumble dry for best results and to reduce shrinking.

Yes, all of our items are OEKO and SMETA certified, ensuring they are safe and ethically produced.

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