If you're looking for a new towel to take to the beach this summer, then you should definitely check out Turkish towels. They are made of soft cotton and they dry quickly, making them perfect for use at the pool or the beach. But Turkish towels are not just for drying off after a swim! They are very versatile and can be worn as a wrap, a sarong or a shawl. In this blog post, we will talk about some of the different ways you can wear a Turkish towel.

Turkish towels are a great choice for the beach because they are light and compact. They take up less space in your beach bag, are sand resistant and they dry quickly... no more lugging, wet heavy and sandy towels home with you! But did you know that Turkish towels can also be worn as a wrap or a sarong? InfuseZen Turkish towels are larger than standard terry cloth towels which make them perfect for wrapping around your waist with no embarrassing gaps. Just drap the towel around your body and tie it at the waist!


You can wrap it around your shoulders to use as a shawl or fold it and style it as a scarf! Turkish towels are so versatile and make a great addition to your beach wardrobe. So ditch the heavy, sand-filled beach towels and try a Turkish towel this summer! You'll be surprised at how much you'll use it!

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